Will Giesbrecht

Will Giesbrecht

William Giesbrecht is a seasoned tax preparer and former educator. Starting his professional journey in accounting after acquiring his CHSPE following a 10-year private school education, he spent over a decade as an accountant. During this period, he gained his Enrolled Agent (EA) credential, a mark of a federally authorized tax expert. Simultaneously, he volunteered his services to the less privileged, aiding them with their financial necessities.⁣

Transitioning from the accounting field, William entered the realm of education, serving at a private school for 22 years. During his teaching tenure, he specialized in subjects such as personal finance, bookkeeping, and accounting, equipping students with the knowledge to effectively manage their finances and plan for the future.⁣

Upon retiring from teaching, William returned to his accounting roots, where he now leverages his expansive expertise and enthusiasm to benefit his clients. His primary focus is crafting tax strategies that align with his clients’ objectives and aspirations.⁣

As a family-oriented individual with four children, William also harbors a deep affection for the outdoors. Hiking, camping, and traversing new terrains with his family are among his favorite pastimes. A fervent chess player, William enjoys applying the same strategic thinking he uses in his hobbies to his professional work.