With a background marked by service and leadership, Christi brings a wealth of unique experiences to her role. As a former leader in an Army Family Readiness Group, she served an element of over 1600 deployed soldiers, providing essential support and compassionate assistance to military families. This period of her life underscored her ability to act under pressure and instilled a deep commitment to the welfare of others.⁣ ⁣ In recognition of her outstanding dedication and skill, Christi was honored with the Super Star Elementary Teacher of the Year award. She successfully navigated the demands of managing large classrooms, meticulously organized comprehensive lesson plans, and coordinated educational trips for various grade levels. Her attention to detail, honed in these high-responsibility roles, is now a hallmark of her professional persona.⁣ ⁣ Christi's admirable character traits and diverse experiences naturally position her to lead a team dedicated to ensuring top-quality care and support for both new and existing clients and advisors. Her ability to multi-task, coupled with her proven track record in roles demanding high levels of responsibility, assures an unparalleled commitment to service and excellence..