Greg Wright

Greg Wright

Drawing from a wealth of experience in strategic planning, consulting, and military leadership, Greg Wright is an invaluable asset in the financial sector. A well-educated professional, Greg holds a Business Management degree from the University of North Georgia, an MBA from Boston University, and a Masters in Strategic Intelligence from The National Intelligence University.

Greg’s career includes consulting for the Department of Energy on performance improvement initiatives and defense nuclear facilities oversight. In the Marine Corps, he served with distinction as a Presidential Helicopter Pilot with Marine One and as the Operational Test Director for the Presidential Replacement Helicopter program.

In the financial arena, Greg’s leadership was proven as the Chief Operating Officer for a wealth management firm, managing nearly a billion in assets. He has also served as a Chief Investment Officer and the Director of Portfolio Strategy for various investment advisories and insurance companies.

Outside his professional commitments, Greg is a passionate supporter of non-profit events for disabled athletes and contributes to causes aiding wounded veterans. He also takes great pleasure in mentoring future leaders.