Samantha Bufalo

Samantha Bufalo

Samantha Bufalo, an indispensable asset to the Brookhaven legal team, brings over two decades of office administration experience, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to provide superior support to both her team and clients. Her extensive expertise in trusts and trust administration makes her adept at offering prompt and effective responses in high-pressure situations, facilitating seamless operations and exceptional client service.⁣

Before venturing into the legal field, Samantha honorably served in the US Navy, an experience that instilled in her a strong sense of discipline, a profound respect for structure, and a deep commitment to teamwork. Today, she channels these values into her work at Brookhaven, where she exhibits exceptional dedication and professionalism in all her endeavors.⁣

Samantha’s military background has also ignited a passion for helping her fellow veterans. She takes particular pride in assisting them with their estate plans, ensuring they are handled meticulously, ethically, and with the utmost care. Her empathetic understanding of her veteran colleagues’ unique situations, combined with her extensive knowledge in trust administration, positions her perfectly to guide them through the often complex and emotional process of estate planning.⁣

In essence, Samantha’s blend of professional experience, military service, and personal dedication to aiding veterans uniquely equips her to provide comprehensive and compassionate support in all aspects of her role.