This is Brookhaven

Our history

Our history

Born from the precision and efficiency of a military-based team, BrookHaven™ embarks on a mission to redefine the financial landscape. Drawing from our experience, which was cultivated in complex, dynamic environments fraught with risk, we are equipped to assess, develop, and integrate strategies that break through conventional norms. We’ve repurposed this military-grade expertise to better navigate the nuances of financial planning.⁣⁣

We found that the industry’s standard of service fell short of our high expectations. This propelled us to create an integrated solution, one that meets the quality and efficiency we believe our clients deserve – a unified team driven by purpose.

Rooted in the formative values of dedication, service, and passion, BrookHaven™ unites a highly skilled team to safeguard your wealth. We are driven by a fervor to serve, to aid in your financial journey with unrivaled diligence and efficacy.

Welcome to BrookHaven™ – where our standards shape a new horizon in wealth planning.


BrookHaven's Mission is to utilize a scalable wealth management planning approach that makes services more cohesive, efficient, effective, and accessible.

Convenience. Clarity. Efficiency. Proactivity. Protection. 

These fundamental values comprise the foundation of BrookHaven™ and our approach to wealth planning.

We ensure a comprehensive plan that preserves your wealth – both now and in the future.